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Introducing ε-ORB

The ε-ORB, a maritime software application, has been developed aiming to enhance efficiency on board while demonstrating compliance with requirements of International Conventions and Flag Registries in relation to the Electronic Oil Record Book.

It has been designed in accordance with the MARPOL and IMO Circ.736/Circ.2 requirements to replace the traditional paper Oil Record Book and establish software transparency, credibility and traceability

A Marine user friendly maritime software application; its installation by the user is easy and facilitates accurate ORB entries into an efficient electronic format. It simulates the same hard copy process in a digitized form without affecting the daily routine of recording ORB operational entries. 

The concept of the ε-ORB is to provide a paperless solution for efficient record keeping as it is focused on preventing vague entries, incorrect ORB format and code mismatches.

The ε-ORB is designed to replace the traditional paper oil record books (ORB) (Part I and Part II) and facilitate accurate ORB entries into an efficient electronic format.

Some real life examples the ε-ORB is intended to prevent:    

  • Oil record books reported missing on board
  • Failure to document entries in ORB of internal transfer of oily mixture
  • Discrepancies between entry into ORB and actual capacity of the oily water separator
  • Falsification of log entries

The ε-ORB software application has been certified by Lloyd’s Register

Meet your ε-ORB Assistant!

Her name is Athena!

She assists the user during the first set up of the application and with anything else the user may need while using ε-ORB!

eORB main screen
Tank piping diagram sample


  • Calculations are automated rendering them straight forward 
  • User Friendly Software
  • Easy Customization & Ship specific application 
  • Ability to archive and retrieve past data 
  • Ability to monitor ε-ORB ashore 
  • Compliance with IMO regulations and requirements 
  • Software designed using MARPOL and the MEPC68/9 guidance dated on the 6th of February, 2015, “Report of the correspondence group on the use of electronic record books under MARPOL”
  • Mandatory Software updates provided in a timely manner to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Data Security 
  • Secured access to the ε-ORB is provided preventing unauthorized access or making copies without permission 
  • Maintenance and Support plan
  • The Liberian Registry and Prevention at Sea will step in at any time an issue arise on board regarding the software


  • Paperless Solution and efficient record keeping 
  • Prevent vague entries and mistakes
  • Prevent detentions and avoid delays at ports 
  • Prevent law suits and criminal changes 
  • Save man hours on board and on overtime costs 
  • Ensure Transparency and Accountability
  • Companies ashore are up to date on vessel activity 
  • No chance of the oil record book missing on board
  • Ease of mind pulling into ports knowing your vessel maintains accurate information
  • Security Data recording &Transfer ashore
  • Easily customizable software to become ship specific 
  • Accuracy and Precision
ORB eBook

An innovative tool designed to enhance accuracy. It provides assistance to the user, it satisfies the demand of paperless solutions and offers a safe and secured environment of data recording.